The company VAUPEL in Biedenkopf, Germany was founded in 1967.


The manufacturing quality of our spray guns found quick acceptance in the market. After a short introduction phase, an expansion of the manufacturing facilities was needed.


In 1971 a new factory building was completed. Shortly after moving into the new facility a new expansion plan was required, a building expansion was needed to fullfil the growing manufacturing requests. Today we have 800 square meters for manufacturing and an additional 500 square meters storage space.


The leadership of the VAUPEL GmbH was until the end of 1991 by founder Oskar Vaupel and Mr Peter Riek, from 1992 until his death in November 2015, Mr Peter Riek. Here, he was supported for many years by his son Sascha. Sascha controlled the entire technical field and now he took over the complete management. The company VAUPEL continues to remain a strong and reliable supplier.