The 4000 series is a complete ecologial spraying system. The system is for use in auto-garages, industry or in the service sector as example mechanical engineering and engine maintenance businesses.


Pressurized spray cans are ideal for the processing of cleaning agents, leak detection, separation and other cleaning sprays. It is especially good when using spray oils or coolants with machining workpieces. 

The benefit of our Eco-spray system is the cost saving of the purchase of spray agents. Additional disposal savings that would otherwise be incurred with the high disposing cost of spray cans.  Ultimately, we contribute to the environmental protection. By using propellant "AIR" we replace harmful gases that would otherwise be used in spray cans. Using AIR does not pollute the atmosphere.


The spray cans are filled on the base station. Here you can choose between a pure pneumatic filling or a material-pressure receptical filling.


Your Benefits

  • Universal usage in various industrial areas
  • No disposal or recycling costs
  • No environmental pollution with the use of air as the propellant
  • on request with inside coating


Spray type

  • Any light liquid spray

Attention:    All containers are made of aluminium.

Not suitably for alkaline or acid-containing spray means.


for filling of eco-sprayer 4300:


for processing of light liquid spray products:


for processing of light liquid spray products:


for filling of eco-sprayer with compressed air: