With our 3000 series relatively thick spray or sealants can be processed. These devices are primarily used for car manufacturing / body shop and repair areas. After repairs; underbody, stonechip and cavity protection sprays can be applied. Accurate processing in "original appearance" is possible with use of our joint sealing gun.



All our devices operate on the pressure principle. The materials are transported under pressure to the spray nozzle, upon exit through the shrouded spray nozzle a clean spray pattern is ensured. Through the versatile spray control, a countless number of different structures can be sprayed.



Your Benefits

  • Processing various viscous fluids and sealants
  • Processing in "original appearance" is possible
  • Multifaceted structures and textures can be sprayed


Attention:    All containers are made of aluminium.

Not suitably for alkaline or acid-containing spray means.


for processing underbody protection / optional cavity protection spray:


for processing cavity protection spray:


for processing disinfectant spray:


for processing diesel particulate filter cleaner:


for processing sprayable seam sealers:


optional accessories: