In this product line, we have combined all the guns, which operate on the vacuum base (injection). Mostly these guns are used where the requirements are not in the high-end product / spray range.


Due to the compact design, these guns are very robust and easy to clean. This ensures a long service product life. The guns designed without containers can be used with all existing 1 liter cans used in the market for underbody or cavity preservatives.



Your Benefits

  • compact Design
  • easy to clean
  • versatile use of commercially available underbody and cavity protection products
  • processing of an easy-flowing spray


Attention:    All containers are made of aluminium.

Not suitably for alkaline or acid-containing spray means.


for processing of underbody and stone chip protection:


for processing of easy flowing (cleaning) spray material:


for processing cavity protection spray material:


for processing sandblasting materials: